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Short Summary

The topic of the project is "borders and bridges". This topic is going to be implemented with different media. Several work groups will take photos, write texts, make films, produce music and create a homepage. The meeting is going to be placed in an educational institution near Kassel mostly. On several days excursions to Kassel are going to happen. A city survey of Kassel, visits to various touristic and historical interesting places and to the open channel Kassel are planned. The homepage is going to be continued by the participants in the second meeting, which happens nearly simultaneously. The second group will enlarge the homepage with their views and ideas of Europe.


The participating teenagers are already working with media. The group from Kassel is interested in exchanging media experiences on European level and to work together. Also it was a general goal to enlarge their own knowledge and experience to other kinds of multimedia. That is why the title of the project "Youth Media Camp 2006" has been chosen.


  1. General Goals:

    1. support of understanding and tolerance

    2. antagonize racism and hostility against foreigners

    3. discuss with the theme "Europe"

  2. Social and Personal Goals of The Participants:

    1. support of the self-confidence through coping with the challenge of international exchange

    2. improve of the media skills

    3. support of soft skills through positive experience of successful cooperation in international groups

    4. support of the foreign language skills through successful use

    5. achieve intercultural and international skills through discussing the priorities, behaviour and views of others

    6. attain personal international friendships

    7. reflexion of the own daily environment (especially for the hosting group who is presenting their daily environment particularly)

  3. Goals Related to The Topic:

    1. tackle with several local conditions in several European regions

    2. occupation with the expected personal consequences of the European agreement process (making both positive and negative aspects a subject of discussion)

    3. tackle with the poltical and economic goals of the European agreement

    4. making exclusion and integration a subject of discussion

    5. the webpage should serve the teenagers to tackle with their fears and hopes regarding Europe and talk about them outgrowing the meeting
      The homepage shall be opened for other teenagers who want to integrate their ideas.

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